Best Cat Probiotics Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

When it comes to cat nutrition, you need to be sensitive to their basic nutritional needs. If you love the felines under your care, you want to use products that will pamper them and keep them healthy, of course.

With tons of nutritional supplements that you can find in the market today, you may become doubtful of the best product for your cat. Some information regarding the best probiotics for your pet cat might help you a lot in your selection.

Take note that the essential building blocks of your cat’s health are not isolated in nature. When it comes to whole foods, they come with a complex blend of synergistic compounds.

These would work together to achieve optimal well-being, which may seem like a complicated concept. On the contrary, this is the exact opposite, as you use real food that is species-appropriate being the foundation for health.

If your cat has an unhealthy gut, most of the common symptoms include:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Flatulence
  • Food allergies
  • Hairballs
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Skin allergies

Probiotics in their diet should be essential in the promotion of good intestinal health. In addition, having a healthy gut can minimize the risk for a number of diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.

Research also shows that having a healthy gut can be very beneficial not only on humans but also on pets. At the same time, it can promote a strong immune system, mental health, and healthy body weight and composition.

When you feed your cat, you should ensure that it is a well-prepared diet of real food. This means that it should be chock-full of all nutrients essential to the health of your cat.

In this sense, you are also giving natural nutrients yet to be isolated, synthesized, and included into bags or cans of processed food for pets. Thus, it becomes more complicated for manufacturers to make appropriate substance to mimic real food.

Probiotics are beneficial or good bacteria that can lower the intestinal pH of your pet cat. This will not only boost in numbers but also lower the harmful bacteria from the gut of your pet.

Thus, it will make it harder for pathogens with the potential to cause diseases residing in the small intestine.

Here are several probiotic products that are nutritionally developed to achieve beneficial results for your beloved feline pets.

Winner: Purina Fortiflora Nutritional Supplement For Cats

This probiotic product packs in the essential microorganisms found in the digestive system of your cat. This helps in the management and shortening of episodes of diarrhea.

You should know that among the most common causes of diarrhea in cats are antibiotic therapy, environmental stress, and food changes.

Runner-Up: Pet Ultimates Probiotics For Cats

The edge of Pet Ultimates Probiotics is that each serving of this product provides 20 species of 5 billion CFUs per scoop. This makes it 50 times the CFUs of the brand name.

Don’t be fooled by Chinese-made cat probiotic products just using sugar, animal digest, and grain maltodextrins.

Also Great: NutraMax Laboratories Proviable DC Capsules For Cats And Dogs

If you are concerned about the health of your cats or dogs, then you need to prefer the digestive health supplement from NutraMax.

It provides a multi-strain probiotic with billions of live microorganisms in each capsule. It also has prebiotics and can be used for a longer period of time.

1. Bene-Bac Plus Pet Gel 4-Pack

The Bene-Bac Pet Gel is a live culture of 7 common digestive bacteria concentrated into a great pet supplement. This is a great product for small animals as they experience stress from the changing environmental or nutritional conditions.


  • Easily digested to provide instant energy, as it helps in crowding out harmful organisms in the intestines
  • Can be used to promote general health and during under stress due to breeding, transporting, training, or weaning
  • Made in the U.S.
  • A palatable gel that comes with easy-to-use tubes


  • It smells old or rancid
  • Greasy for some

Bene-Bac or Beneficial Bacteria is basically a probiotic, which include acidophilus found in yogurt that composes this gel.

2. Vetrinex Labs Advanced Probiotic Formula For Dogs & Cats

This probiotic product from Vetrine Labs offers a complete, highly potent blend of 7 highly-beneficial strains.

With these components, each strain was chosen carefully to provide a very effective probiotic for GI health and immune support.

Its advanced probiotic formula has been concentrated with 3 billion CFU per scoop to gain fast and enduring results.

The blend of 7 strains would provide maximum effectiveness and more prebiotic for much-improved deliverability.


  • You can see a remarkable improvement in as little as 2 weeks
  • Recommended for cats or dogs with diarrhea, urinary/yeast infections, bad breath, and allergies or constipation
  • Easy to feed probiotic formula which you can just sprinkle on the food of your pet
  • Better than any other probiotic supplement


  • Did not work on all cats or dogs

3. TummyWorks Probiotics For Dogs And Cats

Provides the best powder to relieve bad breath, diarrhea, itching, skin allergies, and yeast infections.

It can also improve immunity, as it offers improved digestion with digestive enzymes.

  • Reduction in itching and scratching
  • Relief of digestive issues, gas, diarrhea, bad breath, and loose stools
  • It will fight allergies
  • It tackles yeast infections
  • It improves energy and appetite
  • It restores gut health after antibiotic use

TummyWorks works effectively due to the fact that it is specially formulated for the relief of symptoms related to stress. It also helps in the solution of the underlying cause, as it gives remarkable improvements in days.

With a healthy gut, your pet can lead a happy and healthy life. Thus, it is important that your pets can get good bacteria for the stronger immune system in fighting allergies, diseases, and germs.

This product helps your pet to get the best nutrients from their food. Likewise, it can help optimize digestion, essential vitamins, extract more protein, minerals, and energy-giving carbohydrates that should benefit your pet in the long run.

TummyWorks also helps in the repair of damage caused by antibiotics. This product helps in putting back good bacteria lost after antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your pet’s gut.


  • Helps in the proper digestion and extraction of more nutrients and energy
  • Boosts the immunity and helps in protecting your pets
  • It is loved by both cats and dogs
  • It guarantees results in just 30 days or your money back


  • Not suitable for pets with allergies

4. Animal Essentials Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes And Probiotics

This product relieves extra burden when placed on the digestive system. This is because it can break down fats, carbohydrates, cellulose, and protein with a blend of plant and microbe-produced enzymes.

Animal derived enzymes would work only in a single area in the digestive system, while microbial and plant enzymes would work throughout the entire system.

In this regard, this product would work over a wider pH range due to the enzymes that are actively working longer in the whole digestive process.


  • Helps in maintaining the absorption of nutrients and proper digestion
  • Sugar- and lactose-free
  • Helps in the removal of toxins and waste
  • Guaranteed by the National Animal Supplement Council of the U.S.


  • Calcium sulfate ingredient in this product found to have harmful side-effects

5. VetriScience Laboratories Probiotic Everyday For Cats

Your cat would seem happy when he or she has just had dinner. However, an upset stomach, uncomfortable gas and diarrhea can lead to unhappy cat syndrome.

VetriScience Laboratories Probiotic Everyday for Cats has been packed with probiotics and prebiotics that would support normal GI tract digestion and function.

The presence of probiotics would aid in fighting stress-related stomach upset.

Traveling and kenneling can affect the digestive condition of your cat. Thus, with the 100 million patented CFU, it can provide advanced gastrointestinal and immune support.


  • Contains 100 million CFU of patented highly stable GanadenBC probiotic
  • Has a yummy duck-flavored soft chew with advanced immune and gastrointestinal support
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Packed with probiotics and prebiotics


  • Some cats do not like eating this product

6. Nusentia Probiotic Miracle For Cats And Dogs

Probiotic Miracle is based on scientific probiotic research just for pets. Thus, you can rest assured that Probiotic Miracle will aid in the health of your cat and dog naturally.

With the stable microorganism strains passing through the stomach acid and bile to implant in the intestines, pathogenic bacteria and toxins will be crowded out.

Key Features

  • Tiny size dosage, which should be undetectable on pet food
  • Premeasured scoop for easy dosing
  • Purely concentrated formula
  • Contains 6 stable strains
  • Increases pet vitality

You can start giving this formulation to your kittens, as it can promote lasting wellness in adult years. Take note that animals have sterile guts the moment they are born, so giving them probiotics can fortify the health of your pet’s gut.

7. NutraMax Laboratories Proviable DC Capsules For Cats And Dogs

This product has all the sources of live, viable and naturally-occurring microorganisms.

It also has a number of species of beneficial microorganisms per administration that you can give daily.

Proviable also aids in containing ingredients that would help in making the stool firm. This is because it would continue to re-establish healthy intestinal balance.

Apart from that, it has been added with prebiotics, as it encourages the growth of the Proviable beneficial microorganisms found in the intestinal tract.

Proviable digestive health supplement also has a multi-strain of probiotic with billions of live microorganisms. Moreover, it can be utilized in the long-term, as it contains prebiotics.


  • Veterinarians recommend this probiotic product for cats and dogs
  • Offers reliable digestive health supplement for cats and dogs
  • Suitable for long-term use
  • Contains billions of live essential microorganisms in each capsule


  • It might not work for every cat or dog
  • Requires consultation with your vet

8. PetUltimates Probiotics For Cats

Each scoop of PetUltimates Probiotics for Cats contains 5 billion bacteria that can support regular digestion, renewed vitality, and healthy skin.

This product guards the feline colon against inflammation of the mucosal and infection by yeast, opportunistic microorganisms, and toxic bacteria.

It is also made in the U.S., which you can trust to help in the digestive tract of your pet cat. Most of all, this product has been backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Provides fast guaranteed results in as little as a couple of weeks
  • 20 species in 5 billion CFUs per scoop
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Doesn’t contain Chinese-made cat probiotics


  • Not attractive for most cats

9. Purina Fortiflora Nutritional Supplements For Cats

The Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Feline Probiotic supplement has a safe and effective strain of helpful bacteria. It promotes and restores normal digestive microflora.

It is, in fact, the leading probiotic brand prescribed by veterinarians. This therapeutic product represents a collaboration of veterinarians, researchers, and nutritionists.


  • Highly-recommended probiotic product as a nutritional supplement
  • Tastes great for cats
  • Can be mixed easily with food by sprinkling
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Helps stabilize digestion
  • Aids in maintaining health


  • May not be suitable for most cats


Based on the probiotic and prebiotic ingredients found in these cat food supplements, you can definitely have a healthy choice of pet foods for your beloved cat. Moreover, it can help protect your pets’ body from the damaging free radicals.

If you deprive your pets of these food supplements, you might not be aware that free radicals can damage the cells of your favorite felines in the long run. The presence of enzymes that can help in the development of most bodily functions.

At the same time, you can help them in the proper digestion of food, which can help in the breakdown of foods that you can find in the natural diet of your cat. The body manufactures enzymes, as they are found in food.

However, the presence of enzymes in food can be destroyed with temperatures above 118 degrees. The ones found in raw ingredients can help in the prevention of depleting the internal supply of enzymes in the body.

Overall, probiotics can help in the restoration of natural gut health. More importantly, you can use it to keep the immune system of your cat strong.

If your cat has a type of digestive disorder, you need probiotics to include in their diet. You can do this by adding species-appropriate diet that is minimally processed.

When there is more process involved in the creation of probiotics, more nutrients can be lost. Thus, you can use a good probiotic supplement, which should be given on a daily basis on every meal.

However, not all probiotics have been made equally. Moreover, only a few probiotic products commercially available contain live bacteria.

If you are going to choose a probiotic product for your pet cat, make sure that there are no other supplements being added. Therefore, it should have pure probiotics and digestive enzymes as main ingredients.

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