Best Cat Urine Remover: Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

Even the well behaved cat pees in an unsuitable place occasionally. Sometimes cats do the mistake repeatedly. Marking territory? It depends.

That happens due to a couple of reasons. It’s a signal that something is not right with the cat or toilet box. If not dealt with in time, it produces an overpowering stench that fills an entire room.

To clean the urine, vomit or feces you need the right stain remover. You’ve got to have the appropriate cat stain and odor remover.

That is a cleaner that neutralizes, breaks down and removes all the organic wastes. Before you identify the cause of the mishap, you’ve got to clean the cat accident.

Here are the best cat urine removers, therefore, to use in such a case.

Best Cat Urine Remover Reviews

1. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

The enzyme-powered cat urine remover plays the dual role. It cleans out the mess and eliminates the smell too; thereby, restoring your carpet’s outlook to its original status.

That’s possible due to its professional strength and formulation. Its success is evident by the numerous positive reviews left behind by users.

The pet odor remover employs the natural enzyme bacteria to eat away the organic remains and ammonia to the last dot. It does not only clean cat urine but also feces, and vomits.

It doesn’t matter where your cat left a dirty spot. The powerful stain remover is usable on almost all types of surfaces like carpet, furniture and even clothing. You can even use it to clean the kennel.

When applied onto the stained spot, it penetrates down to the root of the stain to eliminate it completely. When the enzymes come into contact with the mark, they automatically begin to eat away the organic remains and the ammonia present in the cat’s excretion.

However, it doesn’t bleach out the color of the floor. That’s because it’s free from chlorine or any bleaching components. Consequently, it is safe to use around children and pets.

That is further backed up by the carpet and rug institute’s seal on the product. As a further proof of its quality, the manufacturer provides the money back guarantee against the product.


  • Applicable on almost all types of floors and surfaces
  • Using the bio-enzymatic action, it eliminates both the smell and the stain.
  • It has the non-bleaching action


  • Attracts the higher price tag
  • Its smell lingers for a while

2. Nature’s Miracle Oxy Formula Stain & Odor Remover

Most people if not everyone loves pets. But at times they annoy, by leaving stains on the beddings, carpet or even furniture. Cleaning such stains isn’t hard when you have the Nature’s Miracle Stain Remover in your house.

It’s the key to sustaining the tidy home. For more than 35 years it has stood the test and delivered to its claims.

You recall those stains and feces embedded on the carpet or furniture? Do the stains seem impossible to remove? When you employ nature miracle it does three things to the stains; penetrating, separating and lifting them off that surface.

The stain remover is friendly to most surfaces including fabrics, carpets, upholstery, and furniture. Not even your pets bedding will produce that irritating smell when you have it.

Not only does it work on cat urine but dirt, feces, and blood too. After cleaning your floor, it eliminates that stinky smell and replaces it with the orange scent. You can breathe the fresh and pleasant smell in your room.


  • Removes even the embedded stains
  • Leaves behind the pleasant orange scent
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • Works on a variety of surfaces


  • It isn’t enzyme based

3. Advanced Pet Supplies Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover Carpet Cleaner with Odor Control Technology

Do you want to keep a cat yet hide that distinguishing smell of the cat poo or urine? Then try the advanced pet odor eliminator and stain remover. With the odor eliminator, a visitor in your home won’t even notice that you keep a pet!

The carpet cleaner delivers tangible results based on natural bio action enzymes. The powerful enzymes break down the stain and odor-causing particles. Most pets have the habit of marking out their territory by peeing repeatedly.

Just cleaning the mess isn’t enough. You need the advanced pet supplies to eliminate the bad smell and break that cycle.

Its formulation uses no toxic chemicals. Thus you can use it around the home without the fear of harming the children or pets. From the stain on the carpet, sofa, pets bedding, marble floor, to tile floors, the cat urine is no match for the enzymatic sprayer.

And did I tell you that it leaves no irritating scent behind?


  • Applied on all types of floors
  • Non-toxic to kids and pets


  • Few complaints of its efficiency on a cement floor.

4. Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odor Remover with Pro-Bacteria and Enzyme Formula, Made in the USA

The pet stain/odor remover is simple to use. Moreover, it offers you three ways to apply the stain remover; either as stream, mist or foam. So regardless of the concentration of the cat’s urine, it promises great results.

When the pet’s stain has overstayed it sticks so much on the carpet or floor. But that’s not so for the simple solution stain or odor remover. It bears the unique formulation to break down, neutralize then remove even tough pet stains like vomits, stinky yellowish urine and feces. It completely neutralizes the overpowering bad odor.

Cats and dogs once they defecate on a spot, they have the tendency of making repeat visits. The simple solution odor remover offers the solution. First, it makes cleaning the mess left behind by the cat or dog to be easier. Secondly, it employs the pro-bacteria and enzyme combination to discourage repeat visits to the same spot.

Are you worried about the mess on the upholstery, clothing, bedding or fabric toys? The stain and odor remover can be used on all water-safe surfaces to eliminate such stains.


  • Easy to apply owing to the three in one sprayer
  • Promises to discourage cats from making repeat visits
  • Safe to use around children, so long as the directions are followed correctly


  • Works best on less concentrated stains

5. Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover Foam Spray

When other stain removers rely on harsh chemicals, the Biokleen cleaner uses the plant-based surfactants and enzymes to clean the pet’s mess. That makes it safe even for the environment.

Furthermore, it comes in the easy to use foam sprayer. You don’t even need to dilute it further; just buy and spray on the urine. Nothing more

The strength of the Biokleen lays in its formulation. It blends the vegetable and plant-based surfactants like glycerin and capryl glucoside to give the lime peel cleaning extract power. Its formulation doesn’t comprise chlorine, ammonia glycol or even ether.

It doesn’t include additives to give it a strange fragrance or color. It breaks down the pet stain and organic waste and plows them back to the soil.

Determining the ratio of how to mix detergents and water troubles many people. That’s why the odor plus stain remover comes in the ready to use form. That gives it the full strength to work on the biodegradable waste. So it saves you from the stress of calculating the mixing ratio

In addition to pet accidents, it also removes food and beverage stains from your floor. And since it’s free from the EPA priority pollutants, it’s safe to use around kids, birds, and pets too.


  • It doesn’t require any mixing
  • Safe to use around children, pets, and birds
  • Cleans a variety of stains including food, beverage and pet stains
  • Doesn’t include chlorine and other EPA listed pollutants


  • For effective results, you might need to apply more volume of the cleaner
  • Some complaints have been registered by users regarding leaking bottles

6. Emmy’s Best Powerful Pet Odor Remover & Urine Eliminator

Emmys best powerful pet boasts triple action feature. Other ordinary stain removers simply mask the stench. The urine eliminator erases the stain and then neutralizes the odor before finally eradicating the repeat visits by the pet.

So promising is the result that the manufacturer backs it up by full money refund if you are dissatisfied by the result

Nothing annoys like the residue smell left behind by a cleaning detergent. Your bedroom or living room doesn’t have to smell like the science lab unless you use inferior cleaners.

The Emmy’s odor remover works on the stain neutralizes the smell and leaves no disgusting scent. Instead, it leaves behind the fresh and calming lavender scent. Ascent, that calms down the pet too.

When a cat urinates and vomits on the floor it produces a strong stench, that’s hard to ignore. The urine eliminator uses the innovative enzymes to eat away the urine and vomit. Furthermore, it also bars the pet from forming the repeat visit habit


  • Has the fast action formula
  • Provides triple features; erasing, eliminating and eradicating repeat soiling by the cat
  • Bears the soothing lavender scent


  • To the oversensitive noses, the lavender scent could be overwhelming


Tips for Removing Cat Urine

It’s an exercise that demands patience and time. The early you spot the stain the higher the chances of removing the stain without leaving behind a trace

  • Take time to locate the exact spot

Take your time and locate the exact spot infected with the urine or feces. Most cats do like hidden spots. If that proves difficult then use the black light bulb after switching off other lights at night.

  • Mark it out

After locating a spot that gives the yellowish greenish glow, mark it with a chalk. Alternatively, use any substance that is easy to remove from the carpet or floor.

  • Refrain from using bleach

When you add bleach to the cat’s urine, you worsen it. The bleach will react with other chemicals present in the urine to produce concentrated ammonia.

And that has a strong smell. Moreover, the smell of ammonia will attract the cat to make repeat visits to that spot many times.

  • Use an enzyme-based cleaner

Spray enzyme-based cleaner to that spot after blotting out the. Such a cleaner will neutralize and remove the smell completely. You may need to spray the cleaner and leave it for a while to take effect.

After drenching the spot with the cleaner, blot out instead of rubbing in the excess liquid. Rubbing it will only push the moisture further into the fabric.

If the smell is too strong, then begin by neutralizing it by applying baking soda before employing the enzymatic cleaner. Don’t just apply a few squirts; be thorough in your cleaning. Finally, rinse out.

  • Do not forget to clean the underlay as well

After cleaning out the pee on the carpets outer surface, lift it up and do likewise to the carpet’s other side. That will ensure that you eliminate the smell completely.

  • Cover with tin foil while it dries

To help keep the cat off the spot cover the area with tin foil. It might take a while for the area to dry completely

When Choosing the Best Cat Stain Remover……..

To land the best cat stain remover and odor neutralizer, take into account the following factors;

1. Safe on carpet and furniture

The cleaner should be safe to use on carpets and furniture. Those are the most common places where cats pee on. Consequently, select one having no bleaching effect. The bleach will ruin the color of your carpet or furniture.

2. No toxic chemicals

Remember you will be using it around the house. You probably have kids and other pet’s health to safeguard too.

Therefore it should not cause harm to those two groups. The more natural ingredients it has, the better. Keep off cleaners with the long list of technical names under ingredients.

3. Choose enzyme-based cleaners

The best cleaner doesn’t mask but instead neutralizes the stinky smell. Cat’s urine is infused with ammonia. Using chemical based stain removers would sea the ammonia reacts with chemicals to worsen the case.

On the other hand, enzymatic based cleaners break down the organic particles thus addressing the root problem.

4. Easy to apply

Choose a stain eliminator that is packed in the easy to use container, like a sprayer. It makes spot cleaning much easier.

5. It must address repeat soiling of one spot

It should be able to remove the marking scents of the pet. Doing so will bar the pet from coming to soil the same mark. To do so it must remove the uric salts crystals; as they contain the cat’s marking scent.

6. Check for guarantee

Nobody would wish to waste his money on an ineffective product. The only Indicator of the products quality is the guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Such an act confers your confidence in the product

7. Compatible with many surfaces

If you can find the product that is safe to apply on various surfaces the better. That will enable you to remove the cat stain or urine from the upholstery, car interior, laminates, and even beddings. It will save you the expenses of buying a cleaner for each type of surface.

8. Reputed brands

Go for renowned brands that have stood the test of time. Such a product with the long history of customer satisfaction has guaranteed success.

Causes and How to Prevent Inappropriate Urination

Naturally, cats are well-mannered animals. So when she urinates outside the litter box, something must be wrong. To narrow down the cause of inappropriate urination, visit a veterinarian for a medical examination.

Otherwise here are the common causes of that annoying behavior;

  • Lack of privacy

It should be in a secluded place free from human traffic. That environment shouldn’t have distracting noises.

However, the pet should have an easy way in and out. It shouldn’t be in a place where he has to go near the dog to reach the toilet

  • Nearness to feeding box or water

Like human beings, cats do not like to have their toilets near their feeding plates. Move it far from the feeding area.

  • Unhygienic condition

It could have the inappropriate scent. Cats have a very high sense of smell. Hence maintain the high standard of hygiene of the toilet. Scoop it at minimum once in a day.

In addition, you should replace the litter every two weeks. But don’t use a very strong cleaning detergent when cleaning the box

  • Far away or too high to reach

Place the litter box close to where the pet normally resides. Choose the toilet box for both kittens and adult cats. And match the number of pets with the boxes too.

On average the box should be about 4 inches in depth, with comfy litter that is easy to claw.

  • Stress on the pet

A stressed pet might develop inappropriate urination. For example, relocating to a new house, the presence of an intruder or pet is enough to arouse stress.

Other Solutions

If your pet is fond of urinating in an unsuitable place try the following;

  • Change the use of that place. For instance, you can make it a playing ground, feeding area or the sleeping environment. That will discourage the animal from making return visits
  • You can introduce a new toilet box in that area. Then day by day, move it a distance away to another location.
  • If she is fond of spraying a spot neutralize the urine smell with odor eliminator.


The permanent solution to unsuitable cat urination problem is addressing the root cause. After that, clean out the mess in the most convenient way.

That’s why we have reviewed the top cat urine removers. They reflect the products that have given tangible results and positive feedback from real customers.

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