CatGenie Cat Box Review

For pet parents who dread the icky scooping time, a self cleaning cat litter box can be a lifesaver. It eliminates the need to scoop up the droppings, can be used for weeks without worrying about cleaning or emptying it, and most importantly, it automates the entire process.

The CatGenie Cat Box is one of the most ingenious designs currently on the market that resembles a full-fledged toilet and even functions like one. The only difference is that this one is designed especially for your kitties. It uses cold water and dumps the waste into a drain line or even your toilet, which lets you flush it away without having to bother about collecting and dumping it manually.

Here’s a look at this flushing litter box, which has remained extremely popular among pet owners for years now.

Designed like a toilet

Unlike conventional litter boxes, which have a typical box-like design either with or without a hood, the CatGenie Cat Box is designed exactly like a toilet. Your pet can easily climb into it and poop without the slightest worry of feeling claustrophobic.

If you are worried about a kicker making a mess of the surrounding area or a cat that is too paranoid to poop in the open, there are optional accessories like the Genie side walls and the Genie dome, which can be attached to the unit serving these purposes perfectly.

The CatGenie Cat box uses clay like washable litter, which lets the cat dig and cover up the clumps as they are naturally inclined to.

Cats get adjusted to the Genie in no time, partly because the area is perfectly dry and sanitized by the time they come for their next outing. In the rare event that your cat refuses to use the Genie, you can contact the company and they will send you a set of tips that will help you to get your cat adjusted it.


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Ease of use

Despite the minimalistic appearance, the CatGenie does come with a lot of automation settings that lets you customize it according to the cat’s behavioral traits. The settings are pretty self-explanatory.

There’s a ‘Cat Start’ mode that will activate a cleaning session approximately 10 minutes after your cat uses the litter box. If you have an aging cat that uses the Genie at regular intervals, you can use the Auto Start mode, which auto-cleans the litter box up to four times a day.

Last but not least, you can always manually flush the box. A ‘child-lock’ mode will prevent your cat from accidentally pawing the buttons in your absence.

Setting up the Genie is fairly straightforward, too. The package includes T adapters that let you hook it up to the laundry drain pipe or the toilet drain. All you need is a set of pliers.

A non-standard setup may require additional tools. Speak to a plumbing expert to know about your local codes before making any changes to the setup.

The Genie at work

What makes the CatGenie Cat Box such an efficient automatic cleaning litter box is the comprehensive cleaning process. Depending on the time duration you have set for the Genie to self-clean, it absorbs the liquids instantly. This prevents odor in the room or in the device itself. The solids are scooped by a mechanical arm and dumped into the waste compartment.

After this, the granules are heat treated and sanitized with the SaniSolution, which leaves it deodorized and clean, ready for the cat to use it again. All these procedures are completely automated and do not require you to do anything manually.

If you ever hated cleaning cat litter, the Genie is your dream litter box.

I must say, though, that there have been instances where some of the clumps were left behind after the arm scoops them. This results in some of the leftover poop getting cooked, and it can really stink. It mostly happens if the cat does not have firm stools that can be scooped up easily or if the clumps are really small in size.

To tackle this, some of users on pet forums have mentioned a few simple hacks using a computer fan and a duct that vents the leftover poop, preventing it from getting cooked. It is a fairly simple hack and makes the genie more efficient. It is only required if you are facing this problem, though. Otherwise, the CatGenie works just fine.

What we loved about it

  • Complete hands-off cleaning litter system
  • You don’t even need to dispose or dump the waste manually
  • Easy to hook up with a toilet or a laundry drain line
  • Biodegradable and reusable granules
  • Comes with a whole range of accessories that can be used to customize it according to your cat’s behaviors
  • Automation at its best

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What could be better

Apart from the problem with the clumps getting left behind, the granules may get stuck on your cat’s feet and get tracked around the house. Use any cat litter mat to prevent this from happening; you can easily buy one on Amazon.


Despite a few minor niggles, the CatGenie Cat Box is one of the best automatic litter boxes on the market. It has countless positive reviews and is a trusted cat litter solution for a lot of pet parents who have tried out other litter systems. Go for it.

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