Best Automatic Litter Box 2018 – Buying Guide

A coffee table discussion with a friend the other day took a detour into feline-land when she spoke about her struggles with kitty litter. Having been owned by two cats for the better part of my life, I resonated with her thoughts, but gave her the simplest and most effective solution to the problem, the best automatic litter box.

The struggle with kitty litter is a part of every pet parent’s lives. And it can leave you at your wits end trying to figure out how to deal with the copious amount of poop that your cat seems to leave in the house.

What’s worse is that some kitties, like Marvin, my friend’s Siamese, are litter kickers. Trust me on this, the last thing you want on your wall is kitty-litter splatter.

Automatic litter boxes will make life simpler, cleaning easier and give your kitten their own private space that they can use without worrying about a hollering pet parent.

All these benefits will only apply provided you know which one is right for your kitty. That’s where the challenge lies. For first timers like my friend, navigating through the market may seem overwhelming with all the gizmos and gadgets on display, some of which look like a glorified space shuttle.

Here’s a small guide to help you narrow down on the best automatic litter box in the market. Rather than choosing a box based on the tech specs and schmancy paraphernalia, I prefer choosing one that your kitty loves to go to.

Choosing the best automatic litter box

Every kitten has a behavioral trait that must be observed closely to understand which litter box will be best suited for them.

The Neat Freaks

Believe it or not, there are kitties who won’t venture into the litter box if it’s soiled or too dirty with residual poo from their last outing. If you are living with a neat freak, then you need a cleaning cat litter box. These boxes self-clean a few minutes after your cat leaves and are gleaming by the time they come back.

The Paranoid feline

Some kittens won’t take a dump if they feel that someone is watching over them. They need a secluded and private place. Go for a litter box that has a high wall or a hood that lets them poop in peace.

The kicker

The kickers are undoubtedly the messiest of them all. Once again, a high walled litter box works best for them and for you. No more cleaning cat poop off the wall and furniture.

Fraidy Cat

Does the sound of the dishwasher or the garbage disposal make your cat scamper for cover? You may need to consider the possibility that any litter box that makes even the slightest mechanical sound will evoke a similar response from them. What you need is a silent litter box with minimal mechanical sounds or at least low mechanical sounds.

Frequent pooper

An aging or ailing cat may need to make frequent visits to the cat box. Also, their feces tend to be softer. You need a flushing litter box or any other model that can handle soft feces. It may not seem like much, but very few models in the market can do this.

Multiple kitties

And if you are fortunate enough to share your living space with multiple kitties, then it goes without saying that you need multiple cat boxes, too. Having one is not going to cut it.

Odor removing litter box

Nothing can be more annoying than having a lingering odor of cat urine or litter around the house or even in the litter box. It is estimated that almost 10% of cats stop using their litter boxes due to the odor in the box. One of the possible solutions is to look for the best odor eliminating cat litter box that contains odor eliminating crystals which will absorb the odor immediately.

All said and done, here’s a list of the best automatic litter boxes in the market currently. To ensure that this list caters to all types of felines, I have tried to keep it diverse. From the most advanced self-cleaning litter box to the most barebones one, these are your best choices.

#1 – The best self-cleaning cat litter box – Little Robot III Open Air

With a design that resembles a futuristic space shuttle box, the Little Robot III is automation at its best. There is very little that this amazing, fancy cat litter box cannot do. It self-cleans, reduces odor and is roomy enough to even accommodate the largest sized kitty.

It does come at a premium price tag, but if you prefer hands-off usage with minimum fuss, then this is the best automatic litter box that money can buy for you.

Reduces hassles

The little robot II open air has been completely redesigned from ground up and the results are amazing to say the least. It features a patented waste sifting function that separates the waste from the clean litter automatically.

After each use, the machine self-cleans and the waste is dumped into a large sized drawer that reduces the hassles with frequent cleaning.

Perfect for all sizes

The litter chamber on the Little Robot III Open Air is large and roomy. Small kittens will absolutely love the extra room while even your pudgy fur ball will appreciate that it does not feel cramped. This is one of the reasons why most cats take a liking to it right away.

Automation at its best

Despite looking futuristic, the little Robot III does not overwhelm you with the controls. You can easily toggle through the settings, manually cycle when you want to and also set an automatic cycle at fixed time duration.

The features are practical. It has an automatic LED night light that powers on when your cat ventures into it, there is a sleep mode and a lock out function, and a large entryway that allows easy access even when your cat is darting to it in emergency mode. When the waste drawer is full, an indicating light starts to blink. Accessing and emptying it is extremely easy.

The Little Robot III comes with an 18 month warranty that is the best in-class. The features are impossible to beat and so is the ease-of-use. You cannot find a better choice. If you do not want to settle for anything lesser than the best, then go for this.

Read our detailed review here | View it on Amazon

#2 – Best self flushing litter box – CatGenie Cat Box

cat genie

Thought it really resembles an automated toilet and is not the best of designs to have in your living room, the CatGenie Cat Box is a functional and useful litter box for kittens of all sizes. For starters, it will save you a lot of money spent on disposable litter. Further, it is extremely easy to flush down the waste once the waste box is full.

The Cat Toilet

The CatGenie flushing litter box is called ‘The Cat Toilet’ for a reason. It resembles and functions like one. You will have to hook this up with any cold water connection in your home and the drain hook needs to be connected either to your toilet or to the laundry drain. It does come with detailed instructions that make setup a breeze. It works by absorbing the liquids flushed down the waste chute and into your drain while the solids are heat treated, broken down and converted into a liquid before being flushed.

Washes and Flushes

CatGenie will wash the granules and scrub the litter container completely, making it as good as new. Further, it has a dryer which automatically kicks in and makes the granules dry and ready for next use. The flipside is that each drying cycle takes approximately 30 minutes. So, if you have multiple kitties looking to use it at the same time, it may just get a tad complicated managing things.

Environment friendly and pet safe

To make CatGenie work, all you have to do is get the vet-approved Sani Solution, which is like a cleaner and is completely environmentally safe. The granules are reusable and are designed in a way that allows kittens to dig and cover their poop like they are inclined to do.

If you are looking for the best automatic litter box that self-cleans and self-washes, then CatGenie is your best bet. It is easy to install, control and clean. The caveat is that it comes with a scoop which may sometimes miss the poop, which can then be baked. And that is not the best of situations to be stuck in. However, this problem is only limited to scenarios where the cat does not have solid poop.

For healthy kittens, the CatGenie works flawlessly.

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#3 – Best litter box for smell – ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

scoop free

Last but not the least, the ScoopFree Self-cleaning litter box is the perfect choice for both litter kickers as well as kittens who like to dig forever. This is a barebones litter box as compared to the other two in this list. But hey, not everyone needs to spend above $200 to get a little poop cleaning automation in their homes.

ScoopFree is perfect for you if you hate litter box scoopers and frequent scooping, which is likely if you have multiple kitties at home.

Hooded Design

The hooded design solves so many problems pet parents often face. It gives the cats some much-deserved privacy while they go about their thing, it prevents poop from being splattered and the granules from ending up on the furniture, and it looks good, too. At least it’s better than an open litter box, which often just looks unsanitary.

Easy self cleaning

ScoopFree is the ultimate solution that lets you set the self-cleaning litter box with the disposable litter tray and leave it for weeks.

When the cat uses the litter box, a built in sensor detects it and starts a timer for the rake function. The granules absorb the liquids and dehydrate the solid waste. After about 20 minutes, the built-in rake collects the dried, solid litter, ensuring nothing is left behind.

It will self-clean, and when the tray needs to be replaced or thrown, there is a simple lid that can be attached before it is disposed. The lid has a leak-proof lining, which prevents unnecessary spills as you carry it to be disposed.

Best litter box for smell

ScoopFree contains crystal litter, which offers almost five times more odor control as compared to other conventional types of litter. Besides, when the waste is raked, it is collected in a sealed compartment. This means there will be zero odor in the house.

You can pair this with any of ScoopFree’s amazing accessories which further extend the usability of this automatic litter box. The anti-litter tracking mat will prevent the kitty from tracking the litter all around the house, the forever tray reduces the need for frequent replacements and you can also buy replacement trays and granules.

At a budget-friendly price point, the ScoopFree Self-cleaning litter box is one of the best choices you have. It is intelligently designed and has a compact form factor that allows easy installation in any part of your house. Even if your work schedule demands frequent travel, it will keep the house clean and odor free.

Read our detailed review here | View it on Amazon


Buying an automatic litter box will be one of the best decisions you make. However, you must ensure that you are aware of the pros and cons of each product before you swipe the credit card. I hope this article helps you to understand how each one of these function. For more details, you can read the detailed reviews that analyze the performance and ease of use too.

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